The Finance Section of the Ministry of Justice is comprised of a Comptroller, Chief Accountant, Core of Accountants (Account Technicians), Budget and Financial Analysts, Clerical and Support Staff.  It is also a custodian of Ministry of Justice-Central’s bank accounts and check books.

Mandate - The Finance Section conducts Fiscal, Budgetary affairs, and Financial Operations of the entire Ministry of Justice.

Vision - To uphold the Public Financial Management Act of 2009 in conducting the Fiscal Affairs of the Ministry of Justice to ensure that funds are applicable to its intended purposes.

Objective - To ensure accountability, transparency and due diligence in expending GOL resources allocated to MOJ in keeping with best practices (to spend money for its value).

Mission - To spend wisely and adequately, all budgetary allocations provided by GOL and extended partners to MOJ in keeping with all necessary rules and regulations.

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