Human Resources

The Human Resource Section of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for improving human resources, capacity building and service delivery, thus enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Ministry.  The section facilitates planning human resource capacity need, selection and recruitment, training and development, performance management, and career development of civil servants of the Ministry.


  • Ensuring the availability of the right human resource with requisite competencies, knowledge and attitudes for improved service delivery.
  • Providing policy advice to the ministry in key areas of the Civil Service;

              a. Organizational restructuring and rightsizing
              b. Staffing configuration and job evaluation
              c. Pay and grading 
              d. Gender equity

The vision is to have human resource priorities which align with the Civil Service Agency:

  • Facilitate the establishment of a strong civil service leadership cadre
  • Establishment of a human resource program and service that effectively supports the Ministry.
  • Institutionalization of human resource across the Ministry in order to build a community of qualified human resource professionals.

Human Resource objectives:
The objective of this section and its policy is to provide the current human resource practices at future civil service reform which define Responsibility Accountability and Authority associated with the management of human resource within the Ministry of Justice.
As such, the policies are to serve as a guide to:

  • Reform the human resource structure responsible for performance and services.
  • Building capacity within the Ministry‚Äôs human resource to move from transitional to an operational work environment.
Mission & Vision
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