Public Safety

The Division of Public Safety was created by statute within the Ministry of
   Justice on May 23, 1965 with the following mandate:

  1. Coordinate Public Safety matters throughout the country
  2. Prepare emergency plan and control programs on public Safety matters.
  3. Receive and evaluate reports of all private security agencies
  4. Receive, review, and evaluate applications for establishment and operations of all private security guards service
  5. Evaluate, investigate, and report on complaints against private security officer, company, client and Manager
  6. Ensure that buildings, warehouses, storages, plants, factories and other workplaces are safe and secure.
  7. Coordinate with the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Works, and the Liberia National Police to participate in vehicle safety, pedestrian safety initiatives, and driver’s education.
  8. Coordinate with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to ensure product safety and safe disposal of contaminants, waste, unsafe, and unwholesome products.
  9. Coordinate with other Ministries and Agencies to ensure safety and product welfare in the areas of boat and canoe safety operations, beach safety, and prevention of illegal sand mining.
  10. Conduct community awareness campaign on safety and crime prevention
  11. Evaluate, investigate, and report to the Minister through the Assistant Minister for Administration and Public Safety on non-safety compliance of safety rules.
  12. Manufacturing businesses, commercial entities, department stores, and residential buildings.
  13. Periodically monitor, as directed, to ensure that our environment remain safe in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and secure from hazardous materials of any ranging from toxic waste product to man-made disasters.
  14. Serve as a Liaison between the offices of the Director of Police, in particular the Bureau of Immigration and  Naturalization (BIN) and the National Fire Service (NFS) and the Assistant Minister for Administration and Public Safety matters
  15. Undertake all other assignments as directed by the Minister of Justice and/or Deputy Minister for Administration and Public Safety through the Assistant Minister for Administration and Public Safety.

The mission of the Division of Public Safety (DPS) of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is to coordinate all public safety and security matters throughout the Republic of Liberia. DPS serves as the “check and balance agency”, to ensure that the Minister of Justice & Attorney General, is advised on all safety and  security related matters; to support the mission of Ministry of Justice (MOJ) by creating and assuring a safe, orderly and secure environment for those we serve.
This will be accomplished by:

  • Enforcing public safety applicable laws, rules, and regulations
  • Serving with honesty and integrity
  • Promoting a climate of mutual trust and respect
  • Requiring the highest standards of personal and professional conduct
  • Ensuring open and effective communications
  • Conveying a positive attitude
  • Delegating authority commensurate with responsibilities, while demanding accountability from employees of the DPS

The Division of Public Safety operations, especially emergency planning and response activities, can involve members of the community, industry and other stakeholders.
Within the public safety area, the government of Liberia has responsibilities as a regulated entity, enforcement agent, a generator of various waste streams, and a provider of quality services to the public they serve.

The role of the Division of Public Safety is to coordinate the combined discipline of safety, security, crime prevention, and fire protection in collaboration with the Liberia National Police (LNP), National Fire Service (NFS), Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) other Ministries and Agencies to improve the quality of life, community safety and security.

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