National Fire Service (NFS)

The Liberia National Fire Services (LNFS) was established to safeguard life and property from scourge of destructive fire, across the length and breadth of the country, as well as to promote efficient fire prevention services.

The Liberia National Fire Service Bureau exists to Safeguard life and property of all residents, Liberians and non-Liberians alike, from the hazards of fire both potential and real throughout the length and breadth of the country, promote efficient fire prevention services, always improving firefighting methods and practices in keeping with international standards; encourage, pursue, and maintain the exchange of ideas, experience, and a cordial working relationship with other firefighting agencies both locally and internationally.

Toward the full attainment of the overall mission statement of the Liberia National Fire Service, four (4) basic areas of services are offered as follows:

  • Fire prevention – This is an activity of fire safety involving the regular inspection of various types of occupancies and vehicles, providing education for precautionary and protection measures that are necessary to ensure safety from fire, this is referred to as fighting the fire before its occurrence.
  • Firefighting – This activity involves the physical combat of the outbreak, burning and spread of fire, which requires the combination of basic training with professional skills, and the use of proper equipment and tools-fighting fire during occurrence.
  • Ambulance services – Using professional and simple life-saving methods, combined with skills and life-saving equipment to save life or evacuate from cave-ins in burning buildings, vehicles and other entrapments.
  • Fire investigation – The use of conventional approaches and skills to conduct ground assessment of fire incidents and determine their causes and effects, to detect if clues determine arson, and producing historical data of all incidents and investigations – fighting fire after the fire.
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