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Justice Minister Cherue, Employees Talk Work Etiquette


By: Zazay Kolubah

Justice Minister Frederick Cherue late Wednesday, 22nd June 2017, engaged employees of the Ministry of Justice, reminding them of adherence to professional standards in the performance of their duties.

The Minister’s call comes in wake of compelling deliverables by the ministry, especially during this period of elections, which he said require a concerted effort by all staff regardless of status to realizing the mandate of the ministry.

Time management, prioritization and proper execution of assigned tasks, teambuilding and respect for the job and coworkers topped the deliberation. He also advised against loitering during normal working hours, which can be interpreted as “doing noting”, a form of corruption if one receives pay for no work done.

The deliberation was held on 9th Street in Sinkor at the main office of the Justice Ministry, bringing together over one-hundred staffers representing various sections.

Minister Cherue used the occasion to commend employees of the ministry for their diligence and hard work over the period, registering their critical role in the overarching achievements of the ministry, but said, there is need for more momentum.

Staff members expressed concerns over remuneration, capacity building, and communication of administrative instructions during the engagement with the minister.

Minister Cherue termed as legitimate the employees’ concerns, noting that his leadership has always worked to improve on some of the qualms raised and further consultations are being made with relevant actors to address outstanding issues. 

While his leadership is addressing some of the matters, the minister has championed the call for staff to be more proactive, desist from misconduct and using normal manmade factors as excuse to report to work beyond the standard working time.

Minister Cherue pledged to make the engagement more regular and advised his staff to always aspire for greatness in their personal and professional undertakings.

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