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Governance and Public Institutions Programme

This programme takes a broad view of governance to constitute the mechanisms, processes, relations, and institutions through which citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their rights, mediate their differences and build consensus on shared interests. Its utility rests in the extent to which it assists the government and citizens realize their development aspirations through state institutions that work; a civil service that pays a decent wage; a justice system that operates independently; a legislature that makes laws and controls executive power, and a free media that gives citizens information that empowers them, among others. Read more >>


Justice and Security Programme

The Programme aims to ensure that justice and security policies and systems are in place to deliver effective and timely services to citizens in line with Liberia’s international and national obligations.

With the Agenda for Transformation (AfT), the goal of the Government is not only to further growth, but to also ensure that it can be sustained and ultimately lead to a more inclusive society. Thus, the strategy encompasses economic growth but also inclusion, equity, justice, peace, reconciliation, human development and good governance. This will include the following;

-The government will continue to address the key sources of conflict and insecurity, protecting the citizens of Liberia from violence and crime; delivering justice and upholding the rule of law; reconciling all Liberian people and together building a more peaceful and more secured nation.

-Maintain a secured and safe environment to enable sustainable socio-economic growth and development.

-Ensure long-term peace and stability through 1) managing tensions in society to reduce the risk of future conflict; 2) increasing social cohesion; and 3) ensuring that the principles of human rights are upheld.

-To build the effectiveness and integrity of legal institutions, to increase equitable access to justice and to strengthen the rule of law for the social and economic benefit of all Liberians

- Protect the rights and dignity of all Liberians through a strengthened, credible and independent Judiciary that delivers transparent and timely justice in the courts.This program seeks to support the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to reform and strengthen security and justice institutions including the Liberia National Police (LNP), Bureau for Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) and Bureau for Corrections and Rehabilitation (BCR) to provide effective services to Liberians.Read more >>


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