Cllr. Wheatonia Yatta Dixon Barnes

Deputy Minister for Administration
Cllr. Wheatonia Yatta Dixon Barnes,
Deputy Minister for Administration and Public Safety of the Ministry of Justice, Republic of Liberia.

Cllr. Dixon Barnes obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Transportation in 1972 from the Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. She also obtained her Master in Business Administration in 1975 from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, USA.  She has had several trainings in Port Management and also Public Administration over the years.
She obtained a Bachelor of Law, LLB in 1994 from the University of Liberia. Also in 1994, she qualified as an Attorney-at-law and in 1998 she qualified as Counselor-at-law. She attended a study tour in Bangladesh on Promotion Legal Awareness and Legal Literacy focusing on NGO’s promotion rights awareness for women sponsored by British Council, through WILDAF.
She also attended additional trainings, workshops and courses in Port Management and Administration, Information and Communication Technologies, the 45th Refugee Law, Public Procurement & Concession Commission, Regional/Country Operational plan amongst others.
Professional Experience:
Cllr. Dixon Barnes started her career as an Industrial Analyst at the National Port Authority (NPA) in 1975 where she progressed to Manager/Economic Planning & Development Department, NPA, Deputy Managing Director and then Deputy Managing Director for Administration in 1997, also at NPA.
She joined the Cooper & Togba Law Office as an Associate in 1995.
In 2000 she served as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.L. In 2003 she became the first female Minister of Youth and Sports in the Republic of Liberia.
In 2006 she was made Executive Director at the Liberia Refugee Repatriation & Resettlement Commission (LRRRC).
In August 2013, Cllr. Barnes was confirmed by the Liberian Senate to serve as the Deputy Minister for Administration and Public Safety, bringing a wealth of administrative experience to the Ministry of Justice on October 1, 2013.  The Hallmark of her engagement at the Ministry of Justice has been service delivery.  All sections and units within the Department of Administration and Public Safety have tremendously improved their services to the public and other sections of the Ministry.  Upon the directive of Minister Barnes, the Human Resource Section and Internal Audit Division have cleaned the Ministry's payroll by visiting county offices to verify the existence of MOJ employees and their attendance records.  Minister Barnes believes in efficiency and takes the Civil Service Agency reforms very seriously.  

Affiliation and Volunteering:
Cllr. Dixon Barnes served as Member, Chairman, Delegate, President and Treasurer to several Sports Association over the years.
Cllr. Dixon Barnes has volunteered her services to Committees, Associations, Organizations and Clubs including the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA-Liberia Chapter) as Legal Advisor, the Liberia National Bar Association, the Association of Female Lawyers (AFELL) as Financial Secretary and later Vice President, the Rotary Club of Monrovia, amongst others.

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